About Us

The subscription service delivers a variety of unopened packs of cards every month whether you choose a monthly subscription or an annual . For each subscription, customers choose the era of cards they would like to receive, sport and subscription level. From there, hobbyists can expect an assortment of packs delivered each and every month. The packs will have adjustments monthly so there is a new flavor at least every time.

Collectible Card Club launched in November 2017, just in time for the holiday season. It was one of the fastest growing subscription boxes and is still going strong.

Comments & Questions

  • When does my first box ship? Is it shipped with tracking?

    Your first box will be shipped as soon as possible, and subsequent boxes in the same time frame each month with tracking. Please note that shipping times are dependent upon the carrier.

  • Are your packs retail or hobby?

    While our goal is is to deal almost exclusively in hobby packs, retail is included where necessary to keep some of the more affordable subscriptions cost efficient.

  • Are the vintage packs all "junk wax"?

    No, we include some great releases like 1983 Topps baseball, 1985 Topps baseball, 1989 Score Football, 1981 Topps Football, 1989 Fleer basketball, etc.

  • Is it the same packs in each tier? Do the packs change from month-to-month?

    Each box includes the packs from the lower tiers as well as extra packs.
    The packs will have some changes made to them each and every month!

  • Are your packs "searched"?

    Of course not, but we understand why people ask. Our packs are almost always from a sealed case or a box that has been certified by the BBCE to be tamper-free.

  • Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

    Yes, we try to make it very easy for you as we understand everyone's financial situation changes constantly.
    If you need assistance with this, please reach out to us!